• Ready Benders®

    Precise Rotary Forming Motion

    • "Benders" transfer the vertical movement of any press into a precise rotary forming motion. This allows the bender to easily over bend past 90° to counter mechanical springback, a distinct mechanical advantage
    • Ready Benders® give tool designers and metal stampers a way to product tooling that holds consisten part angle tolerances, especially when higher volume production is required
    Standard In-Stock Benders
    • This catalog explains how standard benders form 90 7deg; bends in virtually any press working situation, from intricate progressive dies running at 250 spm, to large, fully automated panel forming machines
    • Our Ready Bender® is designed specifically to replace most wipe tooling applications. This catalog explains why Benders are the better choice for you.
    • Almost any length bend in practically any thickness of metal can be made using either in stock benders or by specifying your special requirements.
    Special Ready Benders®
    • The bender is a highly efficient method of producing a wide range of different forms in metal. We make special benders, quoted by application. Use either the RFQ form in this section of our catalog, or feel free to download your own copy from our Ready Benders® product pages
    A sequence of images showing the forming process using Ready Benders

  • Ready SuperSprings®

    Over 400 SuperSprings® are available in four color coded load variations. Not all ISO Die Springs are created equal! Our SuperSprings® feature several advanced manufacturing processes to enhance their service life and outperform the competition.

  • Nitrogen Gas Springs, Cylinders, and Die Systems

    With one of the largest Selections of gas springs and compact die spring systems in North America, we’re sure to have a gas spring for your application!

  • Cam Units

    One of the Largest Selections and Varieties of Cam Units in North America. From Mechanical to Hydraulic, you’re sure to find the right Cam Unit for your piercing, forming or flanging needs.

  • Guiding Elements

    One of the Most Comprehensive Selections of Guide Pins and Bushings for Dies and Molds in the Industry, Available in Both Metric and Inch Sizes.

  • Die Sets and Custom Machining

    We offer a full line of standard and custom die sets along with ground or un-ground Stripper plates. We also provide full manufacturing and custom machining services.