• Nitrogen Gas Springs

    Our DESIGN2-TITE® line is truly better by design and is available in 10 different series of standard pre-engineered gas springs, in stock for quick delivery!

  • Compact Nitrogen Die Systems

    Compact Die Systems use multiple gas spring cylinders mounted into a manifold plate with drilled gas ways to reduce overall height and to provide consistent force throughout the stroke. Replacement spring cylinders sold separately.

  • Ready K 1500 Working Cylinders with Pressure Accumulators

    Cylinders with stem controlled movement can stop at the desired working position, with the possibility of deciding when stem withdrawal is to take place by means of an electric signal, in accordance with the application that is being executed.

    Each unit has the following elements:

    • Working Cylinder
    • Pressure Accumulator
    • Adaptor Plate
    • Hydraulic Valve