Our most popular line, these mechanical Cam units feature low cost, a small foot print and a versatile interchangeable design. With our CAMDRIVE® options, one design easily adapts to a wide range of applications.

  • CAMDRIVE® Roller Cams

    These Roller Cams were built with the finest materials and assembled with exact precision for product reliability and long life. They feature gas spring return and are available in a variety of stroke lengths and punching force.


    The Ultimate in flexible Cam designs! HYDROCAM® systems are reshaping the way stamping dies are designed and operated. The HYDROCAM® system comprises of two pieces, the hydraulic pump (H1) and the piercing or forming unit (H2). One H1 pump can drive up to four identical H2 units that can be positioned at virtually any angle up to six feet away.

  • Hydraulic Cams and Connection Hoses

    Similar to the flexibility of the HYDROCAM®, the RTCH Series main feature is its’ Pressure Accumulator which is capable of absorbing all the volume displaced by the working cylinder if the Cam stroke is blocked. A must for dies designed for the automotive industry.